Noticing Your Unkindness

SZG-400We all act unkind or thoughtless sometimes, and sometimes we don’t even notice. This is too bad, but it’s also something that happens to everyone. Still, it is important to notice when we are being unkind. Here’s an exercise to help us notice.

1. Find a bracelet, elastic band, or something else you can comfortably wear on your wrist.

2. Every time you do something unkind, move the bracelet from one wrist to another.

3. Instead of beating yourself up for being mean whenever you have to move the bracelet, just calmly move the bracelet with a smile on your face.

This exercise will make you more aware of your unkindness. When you notice, you have a choice to make: do I stick with the unkind thing that I’m doing, or do I stop?

Don’t let others interfere with this exercise by pointing out when you are unkind. It is important in this exercise that you notice for yourself.

A version of this exercise and many others appear in Eline Snel’s great book, Sitting Still Like a Frog!